This page will be updated in response to the new dates of the congress (July 4-6, 2021).

E-Poster Guidelines

E-posters provide you exceptional flexibility and ease of design, given that they can be prepared using Microsoft PowerPoint (or similar applications). Since the presentation is on large monitors and not on projection screens or flat panels, preparation differs from a presentation into a conference room. For this reason, make sure you make the most out of the new system and avoid overloaded or too minimal presentations.


The e-poster must be in pdf format.

You can create your presentation by choosing one of the suggested PowerPoint templates of the congress (study or case report), but you must save (or export) it as pdf, and double-check on a computer other than yours that it is functional.

You are kindly requested to send us your e-poster in both formats (pdf, ppt/pptx) in case any modifications are needed.

E-posters are displayed on 55’’ screens with full HD resolution (1920×1080) pixels and a widescreen ratio of 16:9 (these setting are already incorporated into the provided PowerPoint templates).
Regarding which font to use, keep in mind that it is much safer if you prefer the default fonts, like Arial, Tahoma, Verdana a.o.
The arrangements required, according to above settings, are the following:


Title of the slide:
The recommended size is ≥ 25pt

Authors & Affiliations:
The recommended size is ≥ 9pt

Main text:
The recommended size is ≥ 6pt

Text in tables or figures:
The recommended size is ≥ 6pt

Comments and references:
The recommended size is 4pt to 6pt


The presentation should consist of 1 page pdf using preferably the suggested ppt template (for a study or a case report accordingly).


If you wish not to include any figures or tables, you may delete the relevant boxes and adjust all the other boxes accordingly using more space and larger fonts for your texts.


All e-poster presentations should be prepared according to the above instructions and sent by e-mail ( the latest by February 27th, 2017.